NDIS Services

Support Coordination

Support Coordinators work creatively and resourcefully with you to help you to utilise your support budgets and achieve your goals.

Psychosocial Recovery Coach

A Psychosocial Recovery Coach works with you to help you lead a full and meaningful life and work towards achieving your goals.

Therapeutic Suports

Fortify Health Group offers a range of therapeutic supports to participants, including individual assessment and therapy by a psychologist, counselling, occupational therapy, social work and group support delivered by a psychologist or counsellor.

Allied Health and Medical Services
Allied Health and Specialist Medical Services


Individual therapy, diagnostic assessment or group therapy.

Occupational Therapy

Support to help you participate in the occupations of daily life.


Help to manage musculoskeletal disorders, provide injury rehabilitation or support to maintain mobility.


Our experienced and compassionate psychiatrist, Dr Gilbert, is dedicated in helping you navigate life's challenges and improve your mental well-being.
GP referral required.


Individual or group counselling to support your mental wellbeing.

Social Work

Support to improve your personal and social wellbeing.

Multicultural Mental Health

Commonwealth Psychosocial Support Program (CPSP)

CPSP involves one-on-one non-clinical community-based support to help you achieve your recovery goals.

Mental Health Clinical Care Coordination (MHCCC)

Fortify Health Group will support you with up to 15 free 1:1 clinical support services based on individual needs.

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