Welcome to Fortify Health Group, a for-purpose health and disability organisation. Because navigating (and accessing) health services is hard. We are on a mission to design, build, and deliver health and disability services that resolve complexity and empower individuals to achieve improved health and well-being. 

We support people from all walks of life, offering a range of specialist mental health programs and offer NDIS services that promote emotional and social wellbeing and reduce the risk of mental illness.

Who We Are

You have your own story, your own needs, and your own goals. Fortify Health Group works with you to design your own individualised personal plan and tailor our supports to work for you to find or deliver appropriate services that help you achieve your personal goals.  

Our Vision

We work with individuals, communities, government, businesses, and investors to design, build, and deliver health services that are centered on the need, challenge the status quo, and resolve complexity.

Our Mission

To deliver specialist health and disability services that resolve complex health needs and support individuals and communities to achieve lifetime well-being.